Advanced Customization

The minute personalization option that is available in CIITELMS makes branding easy, blended learning more flexible and gives the learners a holistic learning experience.

Personalize every aspect of the LMS

Each feature in this LMS can be minutely configured and personalized. Right from languages and timezone to the logo, branding and themes of the portal, everything can be customized for the learner. Extremely flexible CIITELMS comes with a huge host of options that are not only easy-to-use but also adaptive to your requirements.

Analytics & Reports

CIITELMS has advanced analytics and reports feature designed to foster easy understanding and comprehension.

Customized Reports & Analysis

Every aspect of the learners’ activity and performance are recorded and presented in easy-to-comprehend infographics. CIITELMS also provides you with tools and options to generate custom reports that would provide in-depth analysis and results.

Languages & Timezone

CIITELMS supports all languages and that makes it a very powerful learning tool.

Offer courses in local languages

CIITELMS allows you to offer courses in all local and foreign languages making it easy to reach out to a wide demographic. You can also customize the entire site and its menu options with your chosen language and make the portal user-friendly and receptive.

Blended Learning

At CIITELMS, one can opt for eLearning courses that facilitate asynchronous learning as well as webinar courses where an instructor can take the class at a scheduled time. Flexible, synchronized and adaptive are the many elements that characterize CIITELMS’s learning environment.

You can provide eLearning courses along with Webinar training sessions for your learning courses and make the learning experience unique and interesting for the students.

Easy to scale

CIITELMS has automation built into every aspect of its learning environment. Right from welcoming the students to the portal to assigning them passwords or dispersing certificates, automated emails and notifications significantly reduce your workload.

The scalability quotient of CIITELMS is quite high as it allows you to import student information, test questions, user information en masse onto the system.

Upgradable Curriculum

CIITELMS allows the instructor to provide their students with upgradable curriculum through their unique Catchup feature. Using Catchup, you can provide the learners with a glimpse of new courses and program versions etc. This feature can also be used to insert advertisements and slip in videos and pop quizzes within the running course module. Catchup is an exclusive feature that is unique to CIITELMS and it gives the instructor great flexibility to tailor the courses with new information and updates.

Why do you need CIITELMS?
Adaptive Learning Each learner is different because their learning capabilities, intellect, social conditioning and understanding differs. Applying one standard approach to teach diverse concepts and knowledge for students from varied backgrounds might not work.

A gifted student might have to curb his or her enthusiasm for learning and wait until the rest of the class caught up or an average student will need to spend extra hours struggling to understand concepts that his classmates can easily grasp.

Social Learning Social learning theory is based on the understanding that ‘learning’ is not behavioral but a cognitive process that takes place in a social context. It involves observation, extraction of information and making critical decisions. In a social learning context, the learner is not a passive recipient of information instead he/she is an active participant, where cognition, environment, and behavior influence each other mutually. Essentially, social learning is all about learning with and from others through – observation, retention & context, motivation & reward, and internal reinforcement.

Adaptive eTextbooks Now who wouldn’t want to read a book that adapts itself to your level of understanding and depth of knowledge. Adaptive E-Textbooks is the next logical step to follow adaptive learning.

Adaptive eTextbooks uses artificial intelligence with machine learning algorithms to personalize lessons for the students. If a reader is struggling with a particular topic or concept, the book will slot additional explanations and practice questions. Adaptive textbooks also incorporate retrieval practice and will test the learners’ knowledge through periodical pop quizzes and tests.

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