Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • addWhat is a Learning Management System (LMS)? How does it work?
    A learning management system is a platform or a program that can be used to deliver eLearning courses and training programs for students and employees. Building courses are easy in an LMS and the students can run each course module or submodule many times until they have understood and grasped the underlying objectives of the lesson. Each course can have umpteen number of modules and submodules where each and every aspect of the learning course will be defined, explained and analyzed minutely. Each module and submodule will be supported with resource materials such as presentations, PDFs, video materials etc. to aid easy understanding.
  • addWho uses the Learning Management System?
    Learning Management Systems are extensively used by Universities, Colleges, Corporate Companies to add value-education for their students. Companies use it to provide training for their employees to upgrade their skills in various streams.
  • addWhat is a learning path?
    A learning path is a personalized study program that can be devised for each learner within the LMS. It allows you to guide the student’s learning curve with learning modules that particularly suit his or her talent, knowledge, experience and scope.
  • addDoes CIITELMS offer a trial version?
    Yes. You can sign in for a trial period of 14 days and have access to all the features of the LMS.
  • addDoes CIITELMS support webinars and video conferencing?
    Yes, it does. Webinar courses and Video Conferencing sessions with expert academicians can be easily arranged using Skype and other programs that are integrated with this learning portal.
  • addCan I upload reference materials for the course modules? Does CIITELMS support videos and other formats?
    Yes. CIITELMS allows you to upload reference materials in different formats included embedded videos files.
  • addDoes CIITELMS support SCORM?
    Yes. It completely supports SCORM files.
  • addCan we see custom reports in this learning management system?
    Yes. You can generate custom reports by defining your own parameters.
  • addIs there an option to upload a huge number of questions for a particular test?
    Yes. Test questions and answers can be imported in bulk to the system.
  • addDoes CIITELMS offer options to personalize the Learning Management System for my Institution?
    Yes. CIITELMS offers many advanced options that allow you to customize and personalize the Learning Management System extensively and minutely.
  • addCan we issue certificates to the students after they complete a course?
    Yes. You can create custom certificates with the Institution’s logo and certify the students duly.
  • addHow can we customize the Learning Management System for the learners?
    CIITELMS offers extensive and sophisticated features that allow you to customized the Learning Management System for the learners.
  • addDoes CIITELMS support regional and other languages?
    Yes. CIITELMS supports all languages.
  • addDoes CIITELMS support SCORM?
    Yes. It completely supports SCORM files.


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