A simple easy-to-use LMS that facilitates an effortless learning experience
A robust cloud-based eLearning platform that facilitates eLearning, blended learning and adaptive training.
An Overview

Complete Learning Solution
End-to-end learning solutions that facilitate the entire lifecycle of an eLearning and training.

Personalized Learning
Facilitates a personalized learning path for the students, enabling them to learn at their own pace.

Effortless Understanding
Easy-to-use features that can be effortlessly used to create courses and enroll students without any hassle.

Easy Integration
Advanced features that allow you to develop, upload, preview and test the learners in a seamless manner.

Agile & Robust
An integrated learning management system that can be highly customized for the learners, users and for the enterprise.

Highly organized
A professional learning management system that allows you to organize courses, chart learning paths and examine the students with tests and quizzes.

An efficient system that allows you to scale the number of users easily.

Make eLearning fun and competitive for the students through gamification points, badges and leaderboard ranks.
Popular Features
Blended Learning
At CIITELMS, one can opt for eLearning courses that facilitate asynchronous learning as well as webinar courses where an instructor can take the class at a scheduled time. Flexible, synchronized and adaptive are the many elements that characterize CIITELMS’s learning environment.
Analytics & Reports
Every aspect of the learners’ activity and performance are recorded and presented in easy-to-comprehend infographics. CIITELMS also provides you with tools and options to generate custom reports that would provide in-depth analysis and results.

Why do you need CIITELMS?
The Consortium for Indian Information Technology Education (CIITE) is on a mission to bridge the gap between academia and the IT industry. CIITE’s Learning Management System (CIITELMS) endeavours to aid in this effort by giving educational institutions an opportunity to provide

Adaptive Learning

Each learner is different because their learning capabilities, intellect, social conditioning and understanding differs. Applying one standard approach to teach diverse concepts and knowledge for students from varied backgrounds might not work.

Social Learning

Social learning theory is based on the understanding that ‘learning’ is not behavioral but a cognitive process that takes place in a social context. It involves observation, extraction of information and making critical decisions.

Adaptive eTextbooks

Now who wouldn’t want to read a book that adapts itself to your level of understanding and depth of knowledge. Adaptive E-Textbooks is the next logical step to follow adaptive learning.

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